Self-Analysis Insight

Hi everyone. I am afraid that my blogging career is coming to an end. Over the past few weeks that I have been writing these blogs, I have been able to expand my horizon of thinking as well as expand my knowledge about a topic that is very important to me. As you know, this topic is the transgressions of civil rights in North Carolina. I set goals to discover more about the different types of minorities in America, as well as to better understand what constitutional rights are granted to us.

In this assignment, I saw my social educational goals being reflected often. I plan to eventually work with lower income Hispanic families in the medical field, as well as other minorities after graduation. I was able to learn more about the challenges that minorities face. I made this assignment one that reflected my own educational goals by choosing a subject that I was interested in that would better prepare me for my career goals by allowing me to be more informed about the subject of minorities and defending their civil rights.

I have to give you guys some of the credit for my improvement. Your comments and ideas of what I should add to my blog that would be of interest to you, really allowed me to discover topics that I had never thought of before. One of these ideas was that I add some comments from people of different beliefs who do not believe that actions taking place in North Carolina, as well as America as a whole, are in violation of our civil and constitutional rights. Also, I previously only thought of civil rights to be the rights of African-Americans, and I thought that all other rights were “constitutional” rights. I am glad that I was able to find research that corrected me from this common misconception, and allowed me to see the many different forms of discrimination prevalent in our society. I now realize that we all experience similar struggles when losing rights, and that we must work together to regain these rights constitutionally granted to us instead of turning against one another.

The blog format and peer interaction improved my critical thinking process by helping me get straight to the point. I tend to go off onto some tangents, but the word limit of the posts helps me to say what’s most important in few words. Also, I am aware that my peers also have to read a lot, and want their attention to be captured quickly, so I was sure to jump straight to the point, and not beat around the bush.

The most challenging task for me was to not sound biased, being that I am a double minority. I made a diligent effort to not make the posts sound opinionated, and for them to be fair to both sides of the story. I am most proud of me expanding my knowledge on the topic, and that I was able to use this time to learn more about people who have different beliefs than me, as well as learn respect these different ideas.

I have learned the importance of valuing the opinions of others. Many people have different beliefs based off of the many different experiences they had when growing up. Criticizing and attacking opposite beliefs only makes them support their own opinion more, and they will be less likely to accepts our beliefs and differences. If we want our voices to be heard, then we must first hear the voices of everyone else.

Here’s a fun fact. As you know, the name of our blog is Frosty and French Fries. I was sitting in Wendy’s while writing this post. 🙂


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