Gun Control Laws & Gun Violence. Correlated or not?

In this article, the topic was assault rifles. Specifically, how to obtain a high-powered AR-15 rifle in North Carolina. If a person already has a state issued permit to purchase gun than all the person has to do is bring in a credit card and ID and your on the way to driving home with an assault rifle. However, obtaining a permit requires a background check that many people would fail. Unfortunately the ability to buy a gun exists even for felons and other people who would fail a background check. Craigslist and a very popular gun website, ARMSLIST, sell guns with much less regulation on the validity of the buyer. The legislation and regulations on assault rifles needs to be reviewed and improved to heighten the standard of living and national security of America.

The ease of access to assault rifles helps to facilitate killing and murder and this is exemplified through the various school, mall, and movie theater shootings that have occurred in America. The media fed off the high drama scenario of a maniacal man wreaking havoc on innocent Americans. Gun control debates were rekindled with intensity, with the subject being that if this maniac didn’t have a gun he couldn’t murder. This statement is broad but nonetheless true. The statement is slanted as well because maniacal people that have a mission to murder will try and fulfill this mission regardless. With that said, American gun legislation needs to force dangerous people to the black market instead of giving a murderer easy access to high rate-of-fire assault rifles.

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